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I Made It!

February 23rd, 2019 at 03:14 pm

DS & DIL woke me up last night around 1 am. I was done! My last day was a little rough. My hip was hurting bad and I was very tired. I had to lie down a lot, but I got through it. The boys are allowed to play videogames on weekends, starting on Friday, so they were very happily entertaining themselves. When suppertime came, I told them I didn't feel good enough to cross the street and make supper at my house, so we worked together and made a kid-pleasing dinner of fish sticks and mac & cheese.

Part of what made me so tired was doing four loads of laundry, which involves taking a lot of stairs. The cost was $6. That was my only spending.

Because of the babysitting, I missed out on the Oscar week deal at the local theater. But I can still pick up the only four movies I haven't seen yet -- "Black Klansman," "Bohemian Rhapsody," "Roma," and "Vice." For "Roma" I will have to go to adjacent suburb, but I heard it's worth it. I plan to do it. I love the Oscars -- it's my Superbowl!

I will call a body shop about my car on Monday. A suggestion was made (a good one) that I order the part online and do it myself, with the help of my son and YouTube. However, the part is a BIG one -- it is the back bumper which goes across the back of the car and around the corners. And none of us are handy in that way, so I will bite the bullet. Probably use the EF rather than insurance -- I'd rather save insurance for claims for bigger problems than this....

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  1. Jill Says:

    It is true that most of the car works can be done by ourselves if it doesn’t have to do anything with the engine side. There are a lot of YouTube videos out there which can be of great help. This will be costing a few dollars if you plan to take its shops outside.
    Text is and Link is

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