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Car Repair

February 26th, 2019 at 03:14 pm

I took my car to the body shop yesterday. As it often happens, there was more damage than was apparent to the eye. So I will be going through insurance and will be paying the $500 deductible. Since I am planning to visit BFF this weekend, I won't actually take it in until next Tuesday, which is also better timing for the body shop, which is a very busy place.

After my consultation with them, I went to get my emissions test done because the site was very close by. I passed. This means I can renew my license plate with no problem come June.

Then I went and got my tank filled for $23. That puts my variables at 83%. I very much doubt that I will spend anything today, and pay day is tomorrow.

I had a very bad, sleepless night and this morning I had very bad diarrhea. I don't feel sick otherwise; I believe I am reacting to something I ate. I will throw away anything I ate yesterday, which unfortunately includes about a cup of homemade chicken salad which was very good!

2 Responses to “Car Repair”

  1. Amber Says:

    Emissions test, wow. I haven’t had them in years. They actually closed the facilities where I live.
    I hope you’re feeling better

  2. Jason Says:

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