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February 28th, 2019 at 06:47 am

This morning I had a moment of panic when I saw that I had no internet service. I was planning to pay my property tax today online and it was close to the due date. But I went through the troubleshooting steps to reconnect and it worked. I paid the tax ($572) with no fee, yay! (Those who pay by credit card have to pay a fee.) I was having visions of having to take a check downtown -- it wasn't pretty!

I looks like I may have to transfer $60 from savings to pay this month's bills, but that is much better than I was expecting.

Yesterday was a bit spendy. I bought the socks I wanted - $66 for four pairs of FIT socks. Really pricey, but to me, they are worth it. And my socks have been wearing out on me fast lately. I am excited about getting to put on a pair today!

Then I went to Sam's and spent $40 on toilet paper and detergent.

By then it was near time to pick up my grandson and I hadn't eaten anything, so I stopped at McDonalds for a breakfast sandwich - $5.

So, with that little splurge, I am already up to 20% on variables. I didn't have much in extra funds to add this month, so I am working with a smaller amount. However, I did deposit almost $971 from refunds into savings, so overall I am doing fine.

I have a mystery shop to do today. It's an evening restaurant shop, and I may take the grandsons along, as it's a place they really like. That would mean I wouldn't earn anything, but it would be a really cheap way to treat them.

Tomorrow I have a house calls appointment -- wellness visit from UnitedHealthcare. After that's done, I'll head to Indiana to visit BFF. I hope the weather cooperates -- it sounds like I may have to deal with snow.

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