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More Spending

March 1st, 2019 at 05:26 am

Yesterday I noticed that my Celebrex bottle was getting low. Since I am travelling this weekend, and will be turning my car over to the shop when I get back, I decided I'd better get the prescription refilled immediately. I found a GoodRx coupon for only $17. I only needed 30 days' worth this time, since my surgery is taking place on April 2.

So I went and got it, and while I was waiting for it to be filled, I shopped and picked up $8 worth of groceries and $11 worth of greeting cards. My variables are now at 26%, and only a few days into the pay cycle!

I redeemed $20 from my BOA credit card and put it in the bank.

I signed up for a fast food mystery shop while I am visiting in Indiana. This will not only earn me a little cash, but will take some of the burden off of BFF to feed me while I'm there.

And I found a dime!

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