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March 4th, 2019 at 06:12 am

I got back from my short trip to Indiana yesterday, heading home a little early because the weather started to look threatening. I drove out of the snow within about a half hour and the weather in my area was clear and beautiful. Today, however, the temperature has fallen below zero, so even though it looks good, it's bad weather!

My vacation cost me $39 for gas and food. BFF and I went to her Goodwill, which was having a half-price sale on everything. I spent $20 on clothing (two pairs of capris, two sweaters, three tops, one belt), and I spent $14 on stuff (large baking dish, stovetop popcorn popper, water bottle, vegetable keeper, pumice stone, nail brush, glass container with plastic lid, salt cellars, gift wrap & ribbon).

Variables are now at 39%. But I am taking in my car for repair tomorrow, and I will be housebound for five days, so that should be a low-spend period. I will buy a few necessities today, but it shouldn't be much.

My one regret is that I didn't get my car washed before the temperature dipped. It's too cold to do it now, so I have to take a dirty car to the body shop tomorrow.

I tried to perform a mystery shop yesterday in Indiana, but I went to the wrong location of a fast-food chain, so it was a wasted effort. Don't know why I didn't double-check the address! I was a little freaked out about the sudden heavy snowfall, so I will blame that!

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