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Some Entertainment

March 7th, 2019 at 05:41 am

Yesterday the boys had a half-day of school, so DIL picked them up and brought them here. I had plenty of spaghetti sauce in the freezer, so that's what we had for lunch. Afterwards we had a rousing game of Monopoly. They went home around 4.

My only spending was $1.50 for laundry.

With any luck, this will be the last day I am without a car. I am toying with the idea of walking to the body shop tomorrow when it's ready. It is 2.7 miles. The weather is supposed to be above freezing tomorrow. If I don't do that, I may take the bus, which will get me pretty close, though I will have to make a transfer. It would be the first time I used my ride-free permit.

That is trusting, of course, that the car will actually be ready tomorrow.

Today I really don't have to do much of anything, and that's all right with me!

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