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This and That

March 12th, 2019 at 08:58 am

Just went to Planet Fitness and got my free bagel breakfast -- and a workout, of course. Then went to Food4Less and spent $12 on groceries. That puts variables up to 53%.

I signed up for a drug store mystery shop tomorrow morning, and I'm waiting to hear if I am assigned. If so, I will have to do it early tomorrow morning, and then I have a doctor's appointment, followed by picking up the boys, and possibly taking them to music lessons.

This doctor's visit will be my pre-surgery visit with my family doctor. I will ask him about what to do about switching durable power of attorney. I have a bunch of stuff to read before I go to the appointment.

Just heard that Honda's are being recalled for an airbag defect. I did a VIN# search on a recall website and it said that my vehicle had no open recalls. But I wonder if I should keep checking, as the news seems to be breaking now.

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