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March 21st, 2019 at 02:05 pm

The boys and I stopped at Culver's last night after music lessons, and I spent $13 for three burgers. Music lessons now start a little later and go a little longer, so the boys are really hungry when they get done.

I spent $4 out of pocket above the $15 gift card for groceries at Aldi yesterday. Variables are now at 82%. Six days to go.

I am checking out lending closets for medical equipment. It looks like the nearest one is a little over nine miles away. I will be provided with a walker, but I will need a booster seat for the toilet. I think I'll skip the shower stool, etc. I plan to take what my mom called spit baths until I can lift my leg over the tub side. That has worked out well before.

Anyway, I will go check out the lending closet tomorrow.

BFF will have to leave five days after my surgery. I am hoping that I will be pretty good by then. I will have my DS & DIL who are VERY nearby on call, and if I feel a little shaky one of them can stay the night. (They don't know that yet.) When I had my ankle surgery I spent a lot of time alone, and the recovery from that was a lot more challenging than hip replacement is reported to be. I guess I'll find out.

I'm off to the gym....

3 Responses to “Culver's”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    Everyone I know who had hip surgery said it was far easier than knee surgery. As active as you are, I bet you do well. Sounds like you are making good plans for everything.

  2. LuckyRobin Says:

    My mother was able to get the toilet thingy from the Lion's Club. They loan it out for six weeks or something for free. She recovered very well from her hip surgery. It wasn't nearly as hard as with her knee surgery or shoulder surgery. But it still took its toll. Also be aware that oxycodone can sometimes cause hallucinations in the elderly and make sure your caretakers know this in case you start acting whackadoo and try to do something crazy like try and leave the house to go to Las Vegas because you think you need to marry some guy on the Hallmark channel. I speak from experience, it is not fun watching your parent go off the rails like that.

  3. CB in the City Says:

    I've had oxycodone after other surgeries and had no side effects. I'm not sure what they'll give me this time, but I generally do not have adverse reactions to drugs. But I do appreciate the warning!

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