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Claim Approved

March 29th, 2019 at 05:55 am

The claim was approved, and I will be taking the car in for an estimate today. I have to go to a different shop than before because State Farm has its preferred shops. I will probably arrange to have the repairs done while I am in the hospital and laid up. I have things to do this weekend and can't give up the car yet.

Yesterday turned out to be a bit of a spendy day. I had to order new checks - $15. I hardly ever use them any more but I can't be completely out of them. I decided to renew my AARP membership for $16. They tempted me with a free trunk organizer, which is something I can use. The surprise was lunch yesterday. I had a mystery shop scheduled at a restaurant, which paid for my order, but since I was babysitting the boys, I had to buy their lunches,too. They stepped up and ordered burgers, shakes and fries, and the cost above my reimbursement was $27! I could ask DIL to pay me back, but I won't unless she offers.

I got a cut in my payment from TIAA -- only about $16 a month, but any cut is disheartening. But I signed up for a service through my healthcare provider which will pay my gym fees, so that will help.

In addition to getting the repair estimate, I have to go to a lending closet today for some durable medical equipment, and I have a little grocery shopping to do. DIL is not working today, so I will have no childcare.

I had to go in and get CT Scan retakes yesterday, and I'm hoping that's all good now. It's getting awfully real!

2 Responses to “Claim Approved”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    Glad the claim was approved. Hopefully the car repair place can take your car while you are laid up so you won't be without when you want it.

  2. fahad Says:

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