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Still No Car

April 10th, 2019 at 04:20 am

Yesterday my kids went to pick up the car. The guy on the phone told them the key would be under the mat. (I only have one key.) DS said, "Okay, leave the door unlocked!" Guess what. All locked up. Who knows if the key is inside or not?

No spending yesterday; all things financial are stable.

Today I see the nurse and the physical therapist. They were both indicating this might be the last visit, since I'm passing all the "tests." I don't know if that means I will be released to drive, or if I will be expected to find a ride to outpatient physical therapy. It's only eight days since surgery.

A friend delivered a cane to me last night that I can borrow for this transition period. I tested it out and it feels like I can get around without it about as well as with it. But perhaps it will be useful for longer stretches of walking. I don't do a lot of walking in my small condo!

3 Responses to “Still No Car”

  1. Dido Says:

    So glad to hear your recovery is speeding along!

  2. michelle john Says:

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