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Late Game

October 5th, 2019 at 06:39 am

I went to a flag football game last night at 9 pm. Got home at 10:30, and I was wide awake so I read for a while. I never slept well all night. I'm probably going to crash today.

I didn't spend anything beyond the online shopping I reported on yesterday. (Except for a load of laundry.)

I'm going to the gym today, and then I'll stop at Sam's and Aldi to pick up some stuff (read all about it tomorrow!)

I made an appointment for Iggy on Monday morning.

Along with Lucky Robin, I'm not going to try to salvage any of the lost posts. Since I post pretty much every day, there are too many of them. I save my financial information in spreadsheets, so I haven't lost any data, just my nattering about daily activities. My biggest fear was the loss of the community, and I'm so glad we have that back.

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