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Babysitting Today

October 9th, 2019 at 06:07 am

After my outlay for car repair yesterday, I spent nothing the rest of the day.

Today I'm taking care of the boys -- the first Wednesday of every month there is no school; I think the teachers have meetings and professional development.

GS2 has an orthodontist appointment at 10, and afterwards I am to take him to a friend's house. I will have GS1 for the rest of the day, unless he figures out something else. I figure I will at least be on the hook for lunch.

I called the vet to find out the results of Iggy's tests. His creatinine level is actually a little better, which is probably due to variance in the test, since creatinine levels do not improve. But that means he is stable and doing well with the kidney diet -- and he likes it! So we'll stick with that. Costly though it is. I hope I have a few more years with him; he is such a sweetie.

Tomorrow I have the dreaded mammogram, plus I am to have a diagnostic ultrasound this year. I may have a copay for the ultrasound; we'll see. I'll be glad to get that over with.

1 Responses to “Babysitting Today”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    Wow, a day a month for professional development. My district does half days which I think are an incredible inconvenience to parents and grandparents to get kids to school for a mere three hours.

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