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OTC Order, Etc.

October 19th, 2019 at 02:31 pm

Yesterday I received my fall order from OTC-Essentials. For free I got: bladder pads, aloe wipes, a digital thermometer, cotton balls, Loratadine, Dairy Aid, and stool softeners. This program saves me a lot of money.

I also paid my mortgage, putting an extra $50 on it. It was money that was sitting in my credit union savings account -- I thought it would be better to put it on the mortgage. I am shooting to get my mortgage balance below $60K.

I did find a live phone number for a family member for my cousin, and she was able to contact her and have a conversation about her ex's passing. Hopefully, this young lady will be able to contact other family members and spread the news, and let my cousin off the hook. My cousin was so delighted, and sent me a big thank you. It was really gratifying to be able to do that.

Today is supposed to be a lovely day, so I'm going to take a walk -- sometime -- when I get dressed. I'm also going to go through the fridge and make a plan to use up stuff. Just the kind of day I like.

2 Responses to “OTC Order, Etc.”

  1. Wink Says:

    Sounds like a good day! I'm with you on the fridge, freezer and pantry sweep. My food waste has decreased substantially by getting into this habit.

  2. rob62521 Says:

    Sounds like a good day. Glad you could find a working phone number and help out your cousin.

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