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Car Update & Cleaning the Fish Tank

October 22nd, 2019 at 01:33 pm

Yesterday I got a ride to the towing company, and when I walked in, I had to pay $255, which seems outrageous to me, but insurance has said that I will be reimbursed. Then I asked them to tow my car to the repair shop. I don't know if I'll get charged again! I've been watching my Visa account to see if a second charge pops up. Anyway, the car is there, waiting for an Allstate agent to come and inspect it.

I had my DIL take me to the repair shop so I could get things signed and squared away. I was hopeful that the inspection would take place that day, but they laughed and said I would be lucky if it got done by Friday.

So I took the train home, which involved a short walk to and from the stations. It was the first time I used my ride-free card on that line, and it was simple -- all I had to do was show the conductor my card. I'll probably use it a lot more now that I know that.

I will probably borrow DIL's car on Thursday to take the boys to music lessons. I'm also going to take them out for dinner and keep them until midnight or so. DIL has a big event at work, a must-do thing, that she and DS will both attend.

Meanwhile, I just wait for news on the car.

I'm doing good on provisions. The only thing I may run out of (so far) is dishwasher pods, but if I do, I can always wash dishes by hand. And I can probably get them at Walgreens, which is within walking distance.

I got inspired yesterday to thoroughly clean the fish tank. I took out the ornaments and all the gravel I could get and scrubbed and bathed them in hot water, and I scrubbed the sides of the tank. I really wore myself out! I'm trying to fight black algae. I guess my algae eater, who died this summer, was taking care of that. I don't want to get another one -- I'm basically just waiting for the remaining 6 fish to die, so I can get out of the aquarium business. From what I have read, the black algae will probably return, but next time, I now know I should take the fish out and turn the heat up high in the tank for a half-hour. That sounds a lot easier.

2 Responses to “Car Update & Cleaning the Fish Tank”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    Sorry about the run around on the car. Sadly insurance companies are s l o w! A few years ago a deer ran into me...yes, it did. Back then the place I took the car just let the repair shop give them an estimate since they had a good working relationship and the towing was taken care of all in one swoop. I miss those days!

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    Body repair on cars is so time consuming! I really hope it can go as swift for you as possible.

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