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Collecting Funds

November 7th, 2019 at 05:52 am

I called Allstate yesterday and talked with someone who promised that my reimbursement for taxes and fees would come within 48 hours. It's not there yet. I'm expecting $880, or thereabouts.

Today I'm going to the former car dealer to cancel my warranty. I should get a refund from that, not sure how large though. Buying it in the first place was a waste of money, but I was afraid of a car disaster during my gap year. And here it happened just after, and the warranty is no help on a totaled car.

I'm working like crazy to have extra money to throw at the BOA credit card.

I looked into a transfer to a 0% card and decided to just get it done on this card. It will keep me motivated to be frugal.

It is frustrating to have to be superfrugal again after so recently being released from my gap year budget. But that's how it goes. I want this car paid off.

Heading out to the gym soon, then the car dealer, then shower and dress for music lessons and concert.

Tomorrow I'm expecting to get my registration, which I will pick up at the new dealer. Then I'll get on the road to go visit BFF. We're having pizza and cake with her kids and grandkids in the evening. I am committed to no/low spending during the weekend and will encourage eating in. We'll see how it goes.

If my registration isn't ready on Friday morning, I will probably cancel the trip. I don't feel good about taking a trip without proof of registration in my glove box.

1 Responses to “Collecting Funds”

  1. Butterscotch Says:

    Are you able to start mystery shopping again? Or selling some things on eBay?

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