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November 27th, 2019 at 12:44 pm

Yesterday I went to the senior center to pay my wheel tax -- once again I could not do it! I did not have my registration. It wasn't in my glove box. I went home and went through everything I could think of and it was not to be found.

I wonder if the policeman who took it during my Indiana fender-bender ever gave it back to me. That was the last time I had my hands on it. I could have left it at BFF's, as well, but she said she had not seen it.

Anyway, I don't dare travel without it, so I went to the DMV and had them print out another temporary. That took about half the day.

It was well past lunch time when I finished up, so I stopped at a cafe and spent $12 on lunch. I could have gotten fast food cheaper, but I was not in the mood -- I wanted a real meal. Besides, I didn't want to eat in my new car!

I did some laundry when I came home and then basically crashed.

I am not getting on the road for my Thanksgiving trip until Thanksgiving morning. The weather is not going to be good today. And I'm just not ready. The weather is supposed to be calm and clear on Thanksgiving.

My son checked in last night from Louisiana. He said he is taking the southern route to avoid snow, but he's not going to be able to do that for long! He kept saying "we" and I figured out that his father-in-law is with him. That's good; I was worried about how he was going to drive alone and handle three dogs in the car.

My brother said he has already made the cranberry relish, so I don't have to worry about it. I have two bags of cranberries and two oranges! I will make jam before Christmas. I did that last year and it was a big hit.

I may not be doing anything for Christmas, but Christmas plans are stacking up! My family pre-holiday party (at my house) is on the 20th. BFF and her family are coming up on the 21st. Add to that, I'm going to a retirement party (three hours away) on the 19th, and a concert and recital in early December. I may be more than ready to just rest on Christmas Day!

2 Responses to “Registration”

  1. Smallsteps Says:

    hope your forecasts are correct and your travel safe.
    The area around here has shown clear and no issue but yesterday they had some freak localized snow event that ended up with a multiple car pile-up. Not really covered on news but my friend was caught in it had pictures on facebook.
    I have become leery of believing forecasts/ even apps. I do not know how but it seems to me in my area anyway even with MORE advanced weather modeling they seem wrong more then they used to be.

  2. rob62521 Says:

    Sorry about the lost registration!

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