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Christmas Shopping Etc.

December 2nd, 2019 at 07:54 pm

I did a bunch of Christmas shopping this morning on Amazon. It was $354, and I'm about half done. I didn't get any Cyber Monday deals; I was working from wish lists.

After doing laundry and cleaning up, I went to the Kia dealer to see if someone there could help me with the phone function. Someone did get it paired for me, and showed me the basics, but for some reason my contacts would not download. I'm going back next Monday for the 30,000-mile service, so we will revisit the problem then. It was nice of him to spend his time on this, since I didn't buy the car there!

I got some body wash at Sam's yesterday for $10.

I'm doing some chauffeuring and babysitting this evening, but I should be done soon enough to get my FREE PIZZA AT PLANET FITNESS! It didn't work out last month, but now I know I should not go there earlier than 6:30 pm.

I heard from my claims handler. The other party in my fender bender has reluctantly agreed that she was 50% at fault. DUH! I should get back 50% of the deductible I paid to fix my car. That's $250 and every little bit helps.

I forgot to report that last month my variables came in at 86%. Christmas shopping will make it unlikely that I will come in under this month, however. I'm already at 38% -- day two!

My plans for Christmas Day are altering. I'm going to drive to BFF's on Christmas morning, planning to arrive after she gets done with her gift opening with the grandchildren. Then we're going to go see the new version of "Little Women" and, hopefully, go out for a nice dinner, if we can find a place that is serving. We are both big Alcott fans and we visited the Alcott house this summer, so seeing this movie will be quite meaningful for both of us.

She invited me to stay several days after, but I am going to have to see how Iggy is doing. His kidney function seems to be getting worse, and I don't want to have to leave him for long.

1 Responses to “Christmas Shopping Etc.”

  1. My English Castle Says:

    sounds like a great Christmas plan!

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