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December 3rd, 2019 at 02:27 pm

After updating my spreadsheet with the laundry I've done and buying gas, my variables are now at 40%.

Today I'm going to pay my wheel tax. Yes, I really will! While I'm there, I want to verify that if I load $75 onto my Brinks card (for discounted ground transportation) that I won't lose the unused portion at the end of the month. Wording on the website is unclear. Once I do that, I'll get the Uber app and link this card to it.

I am taking the boys to music lessons tonight. Their lesson times keep jumping around, because the teacher is settling into a new job.

Tomorrow is the middle school Christmas concert, and a recital is coming up on the 14th. BFF's family is coming up to the Chicago area for Christmas fun on that day, so I am going to try to meet up with them after the recital.

I made a reservation at a steakhouse for Christmas dinner. The downside is that it is about an hour away from BFF's location, but I thought I would grab the reservation, and we can cancel if we find something nearer to hand. So far it looks like the nicer restaurants in her area are closed on Christmas Day.

I am close to finishing the Augmentin. It has been less disruptive the last few days. Maybe I have found the knack of how much to eat beforehand. Last night I took two pieces of pizza while at Planet Fitness. I would feel bad, except that I know they throw out tons of it at the end of the night. I wanted to make sure my stomach was full for the Augmentin onslaught.

I talked to my Oregon son last night. He had just finished his first day on the job and was feeling good. He confessed he had driven through a blizzard he didn't tell me about before, and slid onto the median at one point -- but everything was okay. He knew I would freak out if I heard that while he was still on the road. This happened between Amarillo and Flagstaff, which seems odd, but there you go.

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