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Nothing Day

April 20th, 2020 at 12:37 pm

Had sort of a blah, nothing day yesterday. I didn't feel very good, mostly due to a bad night's sleep, I think. Started to feel better as the day went on. Since I think I already had the virus, I am not worried about this little blip.

I talked to Oregon son yesterday. He was very upbeat. They are all done with the virus at his house. Everyone is on the mend and feeling much better. As an essential worker, he has gone back to work. He mostly works outside, but they maintain safe distancing and wear masks when they have to be inside. On the home front, they have taken possession of their second house and he was working on spiffing it up a little. He says it is almost ready to rent, but doesn't know if there will be tenants right now. His original plan was to have it ready to AirBNB during rodeo season, but it is likely there won't be a rodeo this year.

I didn't paint anything yesterday, and I think I'm done for a while. I think I'll let the few things that could use it remain in shabby chic mode for a while.

I didn't do any cooking either, just pulled some wet burritos from the freezer. I'll be having them again today.

DIL went to Target and asked me what I needed -- I had her get me some coffee creamer, but I was pretty much stocked with everything else.

So today I'm going out to get quarters at the bank. I'm kind of excited. I'll get in the car and everything! But I'm going to make it as safe an expedition as possible.

Other than that, it's time to clean the fish tank, and it's sheet/towel laundry day. So, a busy day on tap!

3 Responses to “Nothing Day”

  1. Butterscotch Says:

    I’m glad to hear that DIL is doing better!

  2. starfishy Says:

    Great news that your Oregon family is recovering from Covid and are moving forward with their new lives! Smile

  3. KellyB Says:

    Very glad to hear your DIL is feeling better! Be safe everyone!

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