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Bank Visit

April 21st, 2020 at 12:58 pm

When I looked up my bank's hours on the phone, I was surprised to see that my branch was temporarily closed. There was a branch open in a nearby suburb, but it did not open till 10. I got there about 9:50 and waited in my car till it opened. Others had the same idea and there were about 8-10 people who were waiting to get in.

Once the bank opened, we lined up, distancing ourselves from each other so the line went out the door. Inside the bank, there were markers on the floor delineating where to stand. Staff enforced the distancing. Anyone without a mask was turned away.

A staff member asked each one of us what our business was, so we could be streamlined for the quickest service. Since I wanted quarters, but wanted to use money in my account, I was directed to the ATM to get cash. Then I sat in one of the lounge chairs while they went in back to get the rolls of quarters for me. I asked for $40 worth, which should hold me for at least two months.

All in all, it was weird, but also comforting that they were taking so much care to protect us.

When I got home, I saw a young mother with little children standing on the sidewalk, talking (at a distance) to an older woman with a dog. Overhearing their conversation, I realized the young mother was a stranger to our area, looking for a place to buy cookware. She was stuck in an AirBNB due to the virus, and she wanted to cook for her children rather than get takeout all the time. Well, there is no place within walking distance to buy pots and pans. I told her I had a frying pan I could give her, and I went and got it. Meanwhile, the other woman was taking down her address info so she could deliver some of her cookware to her. It was heartwarming to see how nice people can be. A crisis like this makes you want to pull together.

I battled a headache all day, but I managed to do some laundry and clean the fish tank before I just gave up and went to bed.

Today is a hair-washing day. Whoo-hoo! And I'm going to make a tuna-macaroni casserole. After the news about temporary closures at meat-processing plants, I'm planning on making more meat-stretching casseroles. I'm still well-stocked though, and should be good for another month except for incidental purchases.

2 Responses to “Bank Visit”

  1. LifeBalance Says:

    How nice of you to give her a frying pan. The Boy Scouts have a motto to do a good turn every day - that was a big one you did!

  2. My English Castle Says:

    I love the frying pan story. What a difficult circumstance to be stuck in. Good for you!

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