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April Recap

April 30th, 2020 at 02:00 pm

I won't spend anything today, so I did my April recap.

Gifts/Charity: $1251
Housing: $774
Groceries: $180
Utilities: $154
Vet/Pet Supplies: $126
Fees/Services: $55
Medical/Health: $54
Phone: $51
Household Supplies: $24
Personal: $21
Clothing: $16
Laundry: $15
Entertainment: $9

Grand Total: $2730

The month is skewed by the donation of my stimulus payment to my DIL's business. I do not ordinarily give at that level!

Groceries are higher than usual. I have not been in a grocery store for two months, so my groceries have come from Walgreens and shopping that DIL did for me. Both mean higher prices than usual. And I am keeping more stocked up, making sure I don't run out of essential items.

Pet Supplies are also higher than usual, because I stocked up on cat food and litter supplies. Should be good through next month, at least.

Fees/Services: My Sam's Club membership fee hit, and I gave $10 to AdBlock.

Medical/Health: Premium, prescriptions and a small copay for lab work.

Household Supplies: Includes toilet paper ordered from Amazon that I haven't gotten yet. Also detergent, paper towels, paper plates and toilet paper from Walgreens.

Personal: No haircuts, but I stocked up on pantyliners and hair conditioner.

Clothing: A pair of sandals, ordered yesterday.

I am feeling good about my spending and about the provisions I have on hand for getting through the coming month.

Yesterday was pretty uneventful. The weather was miserable, so I didn't get out for a walk, or even to take out the garbage. I hung my grandkids' pictures, did some shredding (that seems to be endless), watched my shows, did a lot of reading and game-playing on my phone. A typical pandemic day.

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