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Pay Day

May 20th, 2020 at 05:37 pm

Pay day is here, and I had a few challenges with the new computer. Even though I keep a list of ids/passwords, apparently the one I had for Chase was out of date. I tried the "forgot password" route on their website, but that took me to a page that wasn't working. I had to call to get online, and it took two different people to get it done, because I was cut off the first time. Very frustrating.

But now everything is paid, and I still have a nice balance in checking. I'll keep it there, because it will go toward the cost of the computer next month, when that bill comes due.

After seemingly endless rain, we have a nice day here. I took a walk to the tiny library and returned two books. I picked up one more that looks only passable, and I noticed that most of the books there I've already read or passed over. So it looks like that free book source is drying up.

I still haven't quite finished "Anne with an E," but I've also picked up "Poldark." I watched it on PBS, but during Season 4 my watching got spotty, and soon I gave up because PBS doesn't keep its episodes up very long, and I lost the thread of the story. So I'm beginning with the start of Season 4 on Amazon Prime, and I'll be able to watch till the end of Season 5, the end of the series.

Food is holding up well -- I am eating mostly from the freezer now. I'll get back to cooking when that supply dwindles.

Our state is opening up slowly, but my county is the hardest-hit and it will be the slowest to open. I'll continue to be very judicious about how much I go out even then. I don't mind a simple life. I do mind not being able to see my family, but I know, in time, that will happen again when we are all safe.

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  1. rob62521 Says:

    Sorry about your struggles with computer and passwords. Glad you got it figured out.

    I would say our state opening up slowly is like super slowly. I know Cook County has lots of cases, but downstate we don't have as many. So many businesses are struggling because Illinois apparently has the toughest stay at home act.

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