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May 21st, 2020 at 11:39 am

Yesterday I ordered a new frame for DS's graduation picture, a supply of Command strips, and a kitchen clock. All from Amazon; total was $47. I am trying to keep up on household things, even though no one will be coming around. My kitchen clock has been nonfunctional for some time, and I keep glancing at that blank space on the wall to see the time. I can always look at the stove instead, where the time is displayed, but I like a wall clock. I ordered one with a red case; it should look really cute in my kitchen. These purchases bring variables to 44%, with ten days to go.

My printer is being temperamental. It's only four years old, but probably replacement is inevitable, and I hate to do it now -- especially since I just replaced the expensive ink cartridges. It is not grabbing the paper very well. I tried cleaning it internally according to directions I found online, but it is still unreliable. Sigh. I hate electronics. They never last.

Today I'm going to walk to the post office to mail a book to BFF. That will be my big outing!

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  1. VS_ozgirl Says:

    Maybe try and use up some of the ink cartridges first, especially as you have just outlayed for the new computer. Good to see you are keeping up with doing bits and pieces for your place, you will have guests before you know it!

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