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Virtual Doctor Visit

May 23rd, 2020 at 02:59 pm

My virtual doctor visit went well. It was a video call, so we could see each other as we talked. My doctor advised that I get a COVID antibody test and a chest x-ray. The test is scheduled for Tuesday morning, and, since the x-ray is a walk-in, I'll do that the same day. It is not the same location, but I like to bundle my outings, so to speak. I will probably make a Panera run the same day as well.

I got ten hours of sleep last night! I guess my body finally demanded it. I feel so much better. Wish I could just sleep on a regular basis.

My Amazon order arrived. I have put my son's picture back on the wall. The frame is much flatter than the others -- that's what happens when you can't really see what you're buying -- but that's okay; it doesn't look terrible. Also, the clock came in black rather than red. That was a disappointment, but I didn't want to mess with a return and exchange, so I hung it up, and actually, I think the black probably looks better than the red would have.

Next, I want to replace my throw pillows. There is no hurry, since no one sees my living room but me, but the current batch is old and tired. I should wait, though, until I can see the pillows in person. I'm learning just how deceiving those online pictures are.

I hear that libraries are allowed to open in June, but it will be up to the individual library. I hope ours does. I will have to be careful, though. I suspect it will be inundated. Our community is a big supporter of its libraries. But the very thought of being able to pick out books I WANT to read! Intoxicating!

I have no Memorial Day plans. Until I get the antibody test (and get the result I'm hoping for) I will continue to shelter in place. I'll bet the parks will be packed with people bending the rules!

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