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Moving the Fish, Still

June 20th, 2020 at 08:24 pm

Well, it's been quite a time with the new aquarium and the old. I transferred the fish yesterday evening. That was not easy! They are very quick and hard to catch! I'm sure it was more traumatic than it had to be because I had to try so many times. But I got it done. Last night they just huddled together in shock, but today they are very frisky.

No sooner did I get them moved, than Iggy jumped on TOP of the new aquarium to check it out! Scared me to death -- it is covered, but it is not a very sturdy cover and that could have been a disaster. So I experimented with a few different knick-knacks to discourage Iggy's path to the top. Here is a picture of what I ended up with:

This morning I got to work on emptying and cleaning the old aquarium. It was very tedious -- lots of baling, then siphoning, then more baling. I had to scoop out the gravel, which I boiled in a pan on the stovetop to get rid of the black algae. I'm not reusing it, but someone else might. I'm going to offer the aquarium and its parts on Freecycle once I get done with the cleaning.

All of the accessories -- the filter, the light, and the heater -- work, and they cleaned up pretty well. I was thinking I would just throw them away, but now I can see they have a lot of life in them yet.

What I haven't done yet -- I haven't cleaned out the actual tank, although the water is all gone. The tank is still very heavy, even without water, and I may have to have my son come over and move it to a place where it's easier to clean. I sure don't want to drop it.

I really hope someone wants it on Freecycle, because then they can be the ones to take it down the stairs. It's a good tank, with all the parts, and I'm throwing in extra filter pads and an extra bulb. And the gravel if they want it!

I did throw away the ornaments -- they were not worth cleaning up.

Before the fish ordeal, I went to Walgreens yesterday to pick up a $20 prescription. I also bought two Father's Day cards ($4 each) and a packet of hair bands for $5. My hair is long enough to pull back in a ponytail! Well, just barely, but now that I have the bands I'll be ready.

I also participated in a peak savings day. Between 1 and 5 I turned off all the electricity, and I will get a credit on my next bill. It was a little warm without the AC, but not too bad.

2 Responses to “Moving the Fish, Still”

  1. LifeBalance Says:

    Your picture made me laugh! I think it's appropriate for a duck to be protecting the fish from Iggy. It doesn't look like Iggy has given up though...

  2. Wink Says:

    I love the duck!! Iggy looks like he is contemplating his next move!

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