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Step One is Over

June 23rd, 2020 at 12:15 pm

Yesterday a nice young man came in response to my Freecycle ad and took the old tank and all the accessories away. It feels so good to have that whole episode done.

No movement forward on the ceiling repair. I put in an online question to the property management company, asking for help in securing a contractor. There has been no response, other than a stock answer that they have received my message. If there is nothing today, I'll proceed on my own. But I would like their input, because I know others in the building have gone through the same thing.

I posed a plan to BFF that when the time comes, I come to visit her for a few days, while they take down the old plaster. She was okay with it. What to do with Iggy though? He can't stay while the work is being done. BFF has an elderly cat that won't get along with him. DS has a cat that bullies him. I hate to board him. Since he was a shelter cat, I'm afraid he will think he has been abandoned again, and with his age and the state of his health, it might be traumatic.

But since I am nowhere near getting the work done, I won't worry about that yet.

I did two loads of laundry yesterday (and I will today) and two utility bills were withdrawn from my bank account. Variables are at 75% with just a week to go.

4 Responses to “Step One is Over”

  1. LifeBalance Says:

    That's great that you were able to rehome the fish tank so quickly!

    What about taking Iggy with you but confining him to one room at BFF's place? You could put a litter box in that room. It wouldn't be a good long-term solution but for a few days it might work, provided that the travel would be okay with him.

  2. My English Castle Says:

    I love it when big things like that tank leave the house. Good luck with the ceiling repair; we're having a heck of a time finding contractors for our vent repair as well as landscapers.

  3. Wink Says:

    When I owned my single family house I used Angie's List to look for a contractor and found a great one! I used them to install my hardwood floors and paint my condo before I moved in. Now I always have a "go to" contractor that I trust just in case.

  4. CB in the City Says:

    Yes, taking Iggy along and confining him to a room is definitely an option. He would drive us crazy with his yowling, though!

    Angie's List is a good idea!

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