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Still in Holding Pattern

June 25th, 2020 at 04:42 pm

I have not yet heard whether my ex's wife has tested positive. She is supposed to get results today. Till I know whether I need to get a test, I'm just on hold.

I felt productive so I did some extra cleanup in the living room this morning. Swabbed the radiator, deep-vacuumed the furniture, wiped down some areas that usually get a quick dusting. This afternoon I'm going to focus on paper filing. I did finally catch up on my big backlog, but there has been just a bit pile up. I decided to make paper-filing part of my living room cleanup, so that I will get to it regularly.

I found a lamp online that I would like to order. It's $60 before shipping, so I'm going to wait till the month turns. It's not that I don't have the money; I would just like to put that expense on a fresh sheet. It's a mission-style Tiffany lamp. It's going to go where the aquarium used to be.

I finally got an answer from my property management company, but all they had to say was they didn't know what contractor other residents had used and they suggested HomeAdvisor. I'll probably go with Angie's List, as I am more familiar with that.

It's been so cool and lovely for several days. I hear it will be hotter tomorrow. I am always a little disappointed when I have to turn on the AC.

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