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Ride-Free Card

June 28th, 2020 at 02:22 pm

I said earlier that I needed to apply in July for my ride-free card, even though I don't think I will be riding the trains for a while. I got a letter saying that my benefit has been automatically renewed for another year, due to office closures because of the virus. So yay, I don't have to go through that process.

I didn't do much yesterday. I spent a lot of time reading, because I am reading a book on the Libby app, and I want to be sure I finish it before it disappears. I still don't really like e-books, but I'm getting used to it. In this case, I borrowed the e-book because I have the second book in the trilogy from the tiny library. I don't want to start the story in the middle.

Today will be hot, and I don't think I will do much today, either. But I did make biscuits for breakfast from an AllRecipes recipe, called "Butter Swim Biscuits." Mmmmm. They are indeed very buttery. The butter is baked in, not applied after baking. And they were very light and fluffy and easy to make.

I am going to make chipped beef in white sauce later on and serve it over a biscuit. Then I'll freeze the remainder. I'm also planning to make tuna salad today.

I haven't heard from the contractor this weekend, but I wasn't expecting to, since it is the weekend, after all. Hope I will hear from him on Monday.

2 Responses to “Ride-Free Card”

  1. Wink Says:

    I think that since a lot of people are stuck at home they have been tackling home improvement projects and contractors are somewhat booked up. I hope you get a timely response and can get that project underway!

  2. LifeBalance Says:

    I prefer real books to e-books too.

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