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June 29th, 2020 at 05:52 pm

It's Monday, so I have started a load of sheets and towels.

My friend P, who is in the process of moving into a retirement home, has been asking me to order a few things for him on Amazon. He is very tech-unsavvy. He was going out to buy things, and I told him to please let me order for him so he wouldn't endanger his health. (He is close to 80 and has several underlying conditions.) I am glad he has consented to let me help. He just sends me a check to cover the cost.

Speaking of Amazon, I received a subscribe-to-save order yesterday -- six packages of pellets for the cat littler box. I already have five on hand! When I got the notice that it was coming, I didn't look closely and I thought it was the pads, which I do need. Dang! That's $42 I didn't have to spend. Oh well, they will get used eventually, if Iggy hangs in there that long.

Then I went to order the pads, but I found that the kind I like are no longer available. I decided to hold off till next month (i.e. two days) since I'm going to have to do a little research to figure out what I do want.

This evening my grandson is playing in his first baseball game of the year! There are many rules in place to make it safe. One of them is that spectators cannot use the bleachers and must bring their own chairs and wear masks. The boys will not use the dugout, but will spread out on the sidelines, wearing masks, when they are not in the field. I'm very excited, and I hope it is not cancelled because of rain!

No word from the contractor yet.

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