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November 10th, 2020 at 05:42 pm

I just got back from Aldi, where I spent $98, on the nose.  I decided that I would stock up while I was there, in hopes that I won't have to go out again this month, and maybe longer.

My grandson's birthday is this weekend.  He asked for cash, and I have it ready for him, but I don't have a card.  Maybe I will make him one.  I haven't heard if there is going to be a gathering, but if it isn't an outdoor gathering, I won't go.  I am really getting uncomfortable with indoor gatherings, even small ones.

It is really good news that there may be an effective vaccine on the horizon!  I would be in the number 2, group, as I am over 65 and have kidney disease, which increases my risk of dying from COVID by 3. Frown

Variables, by the way, are at 32%, just about right for being about a third of the way through the month.

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