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Electrical Work Done

November 18th, 2020 at 01:12 am

The electrician came today -- actually it was two of them -- and they worked for hours.  When it was all done, I gave them a check for $858.  As I told a friend, that's a lot of labor and lot of money for something that doesn't show!  But of course it's necessary.  One thing does show, however.  I have a new ceiling light in the hall, in a spot where the old fixture was in the way of a cabinet door.  Big improvement.

Laundry is going up.  Yesterday, while taking my laundry down, I ran into a technician who was changing the coin trays so that they would each accept another quarter.  Yep.  It will be $1 to wash, $1 to dry.  It was .75 each till now.  Well, at least that will be easier to add up.  But I will go through quarters even faster, which isn't good in this time of coin shortages and the need to stay inside.

The technician very nicely gave me one free load since I was caught unawares.

I guess that's it!  Tomorrow is payday.

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