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April 24th, 2021 at 02:43 pm

Last night was GS1's first baseball game of the season.  It was COLD, and even though I thought I had bundled up enough, I was miserable.  The game was called after six innings -- not because of the cold but because we were losing the light and storm clouds were gathering.  It didn't rain though.  Unhappily, our team was behind, so GS1 was bummed that they didn't get the chance to pull ahead.

The game was at a park 45 minutes away.  I forgot to eat beforehand, so on the way I bought dinner at Subway for $8 and at the game I bought coffee for $1 to keep my hands warm.

I have been approved for senior benefits again -- you have to keep proving that you are still poor enough to qualify -- I'm always poor enough!  It was kind of challenging to apply though, because I had to attach scanned documents and I no longer have a scanner.  I tried using the Adobe Scan app, but needed help from DIL.  Got it done, but it was not easy!  Don't know how other seniors are managing.  They really should have a mail-in option because I know there are seniors out there who are even worse than I am.

The senior center connected me with a person at the department of aging, who helped me with other aspects of the application.  She was wonderful.  

I will renew my license plates on Monday, when I am sure that the system is updated.


4 Responses to “Baseball”

  1. Kellyb Says:

    If you don’t mind me asking, what are senior benefits?

  2. CB in the City Says:

    Senior benefits -- it is a local thing. My state and my city provides certain benefits to seniors below a certain income level -- benefits include free rides on local trains and buses, discounts on license plates and the wheel tax, a debit card for Uber and Amtrak that basically gives me a 50% discount, and a freeze on property taxes. They are great benefits, but the process of applying is a challenge and I'm so glad I had help!

  3. KellyB Says:

    Very nice! Appreciate you answering the question, thanks!

  4. LivingAlmostLarge Says:

    I would say many seniors are not tech savvy enough to do what you do!

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