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Spending and Tracking

May 28th, 2021 at 02:32 pm

I did some spending yesterday, and I also adjusted a couple of my spreadsheets.  I took away some of my vacation spending from the Big Ticket spreadsheet.  I left in the cost for the airline ticket, but the other spending should come out of Variables.  I don't know why I put it there in the first place.  That means my variables are now at 93%, but that's okay, it's almost the end of the month.  Big Ticket spending is averaging $231 a month now.  I'm tracking it so I know how much to save per month to cover it in the future.

As for the spending:  I spent $37 on groceries, $30 on gas, $17 for a set of bowls, and $5 on takeout food.

The bowls were an impulse buy.  I was at Sam's, and there they were.  I have been wanting to replace my current set of mixing bowls, since a couple of them are chipped.  The new set is melamine, and they all have lids, so they will also be good for storing and transporting food.  And they were on sale!

I have to do some more spending for our Memorial Day get-together, which is also a graduation party for my two grandsons.  One is graduating from middle school and one from elementary school.  I figure I'll give them each $20.  I'll try to find some cheap cards.  I also promised my son I would make ambrosia salad for our MD lunch, so it's back to the store for almost all of the ingredients.  Maybe all!  Yes, I think all.  I don't have a single ingredient on hand.  Oh well.

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