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Phone Troubles

September 5th, 2021 at 01:35 pm

In my last post, I reported that I was going to Walmart to buy a sim card, which would make my phone okay with Straight Talk.  Well, I went to two Walmarts, and both places told me that they could not sell a sim card separately from a plan, which I already had.  At the second Walmart, an employee, after looking at my phone specs, suggested that I switch to AT&T, to a similarly-priced plan.  We went through a long, long call with AT&T, only to learn that they were requiring a credit check, and, because my credit records are frozen, they could not take me on.  I could have unfrozen one of my accounts, but I would have had to have my pin (which I don't even remember receiving, much less know offhand).  So I just abandoned that idea and left the store.

From there I went to Target to investigate Consumer Cellular.  The tech there told me that my phone was fine with the upgrade to 5G, that it is only 3G phones that would cause problems.  That made me a bit angry at Straight Talk, for sending me on this fool's errand.  She sold me on switching to Consumer Cellular, which would be cheaper than Straight Talk and is known to have excellent customer service.

Well.  I have switched over, but after 16 hours I still can't make a call or send a text.  I was given a number to call in case of trouble, BUT I can't call of course; my phone doesn't make calls.

I am going back to Target as soon as it opens this morning.  Frustrated, to say the least.

3 Responses to “Phone Troubles”

  1. Dido Says:

    CB, so sorry to hear of your troubles and I hope it works out. I was leaning towards going with Consumer Cellular myself until I realized that I would lose over a year's worth of credit I already have with Tracfone. I did read good things about their customer service, although you might end up spending some time on hold before you reach them. Good luck getting it straightened out!

  2. Wink Says:

    I hope you can get it straightened out without too much more frustration!

  3. VS_ozgirl Says:

    That is so annoying, hope you can use your phone very soon!

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