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January 10th, 2022 at 09:35 pm

I went to the eye doctor this morning and spent $114 on glasses and $39 on tests.  The glasses were kind of a splurge -- they are readers, but prescription-strength, and I got the thinner, scratch-proof and shatter-proof lenses.  I hope that will prove a good decision.  I use readers a lot, since I read a lot, and I also need them for computer work and simple things like reading a medicine bottle or a recipe.  Or seeing what's on my phone!  It will be about two weeks before I can pick them up.

Variables for the month are at 22%.

I had a mammogram last week and after looking at the results my doctor put in an order for an ultrasound -- not because he saw anything wrong, but more as a precaution because of my age and the density of the tissue.  I checked with my insurance and there will be a $130 copay.  I have decided to try to schedule in February, since the eye doctor wiped out my medical allowance for this month.

My son & family came home last night from Florida, and they picked up their cat today.  I will miss the little cutie, but on the other hand, she certainly got into trouble a lot -- chewing on plants and wires, jumping up on the table, etc.  I was used to an older, sedate, cat and she is young and frisky!

Anyway, I'm glad they're home. They didn't have quite the vacation they had hoped for, what with the Omicron virus sweeping through the country, but at least they enjoyed some warm weather.  It's COLD here.

So far I have not spent anything on groceries this month.  There is plenty of food in the freezer, so I plan to only buy necessities. I haven't bought any gas, either, and I have almost a full tank.  So I may get through the month without buying any.  January WOULD be a low-spend month, except for my contributions to the grandkids' college funds, and the insurance payment.  And next month it's property tax. Sigh!

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