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Dinner Out

January 15th, 2022 at 02:49 pm

Last night I met my kids at a local pizza joint that is going out of business -- a very sad affair, it was a longtime, much-loved business in the area, but they are done.  Anyway, I was the first one there and the line was SO long to get in. We texted back and forth and decided to go to another place instead, where we could eat without the wait.  It was the first time I went out since the proof of vaccination mandate was levied.  I have to say it went very smoothly, and I felt safe.  We had a good time. I contributed $20 to the cost of the pizzas.

I am very anxious for my Social Security payday to arrive -- this coming Wednesday.  I don't know what the amount will be.  I know the increase is 5.9%, but Medicare will cost more, too, which will lower the overall payment. Sounds like they are still not sure how much to jack up Medicare; they are still debating that expensive Alzeheimer's drug that may not even work. I'm sure I would feel less cynical about it if I had Alzheimer's! Smile

Variables are now at 26%, and we are now halfway through the month, so I'm doing well.  However, it is still a costly month, with an insurance payment and my donations to the grandkids' college funds.  I am still holding out on going to the grocery store, being creative about what to eat.  I took home some pizza last night, so that helped!

2 Responses to “Dinner Out”

  1. Frugaltexan75 Says:

    We’ve had lots of established restaurants close here recently. One I was really sad about was a vegan place. It had only been open for 3 years, but it was so nice to have it as an option. My DH isn’t sad it’s gone- so I can’t drag him to it. Smile

  2. rob62521 Says:

    It's sad when established restaurants and businesses are calling it quits. I think Covid has taken its toll health wise as well as financially.

    I wondered how the vaccine mandate was working. I have no issue with it and really wish the state would adopt it. It seems that the people who are vaccinated are the ones being careful, wearing their masks correctly, and those who are not, are doing otherwise. I realize that is generalization on my part, but just what I'm observing. I have a friend whose wife tested positive for Covid and had mild symptoms, and he said that their quarantine time of 5 days was up, but she still had symptoms. He wanted to meet and I made an excuse. No thanks! I'm not ready!

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