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Too Much Snow

February 5th, 2022 at 04:48 pm

Snow has been a real issue here lately. My car was pretty socked in on Thursday, when I had to move it for plowing. I realized then that even though I have a snow broom for sweeping off the car, I needed a shovel for moving the snow under and around the tires. (I haven't had a shovel before because we have a maintenance guy who shovels all the walks.) I bought one yesterday at Home Depot for $18. A little high-priced, but I rejected a cheaper one because of the cheaper quality.

I also made a short stop at Aldi and spent $34 on groceries and $2 for little Russell Stover gift boxes that I will give away for Valentines Day.  Supply chain report: I was unable to get lactose-free milk and canned biscuits. I can do without the milk -- I have some powdered milk if I need it for cooking -- and the biscuits are not necessary; I just like to have them on hand for impromptu meals.

My Oregon son's birthday is tomorrow -- on Thursday morning I spent $59 on a couple of things from his Amazon wish list -- unfortunately, they won't be delivered till Monday. Dang! 

Variables are at 20%.

I got my first property tax bill of the year.  It is $516. I thought it seemed high, but when I checked, I found it's only $6 more than last year. Anyway, that will get paid with my next SS payment, which is the 16th.

So far, things are going well this year!

1 Responses to “Too Much Snow”

  1. Kym Fisher Says:

    We were supposed to get 8-14 inches on Wednesday. We got 4-ish inches. @@

    We were supposed to get up to 1 inch on Thursday. We got 2-ish+ inches. @@

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