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February 9th, 2022 at 04:38 pm

Remember the Equifax breach? I was part of the class action settlement, and I chose free credit monitoring as my compensation. I didn't hear anything and I forgot about it. Turns out the settlement was tied up by some court challenges (or something) and finally I have received my reward! I signed up this morning. I feel relieved. The scam artist I succumbed to a few months ago has really weighed on my mind, even though he (or they) never got any money from me. Any layer of protection will ease my mind.

My other news -- I was called up for standby jury duty, but I got off -- for life! I am over 70, so I do not ever have to serve on a jury if I don't want to. I called and got my name off the list. Honestly, I think it might be an interesting experience, and certainly a public service, but my one brush with jury duty was off-putting. The criminal court I had to report to was deep in the city, not easy to get to, and the whole process -- standing in line, getting through security -- was not easy to navigate. Parking was a nightmare. I had to spend the entire day there and was never even interviewed. I can't imagine doing that now with Omicron still circulating and its baby brother just getting going.

4 Responses to “Experian Identity Works”

  1. Dido Says:

    Glad you got your compensation, and lifetime relief from jury duty. I agree, it could be interesting and valuable service, but the hassles you have to go through have become very off-putting.

  2. rob62521 Says:

    I understand your concern, but I will tell you a number of years ago when I was called for jury duty, I was absolutely appalled at some of those in the jury pool. I came home and told my husband that would "scare me straight" just thinking about some of those folks on the jury and they would be making a decision about things in my life. I was actually slated for a murder trial and I believe I would be excused because I knew the detective, the assistant state's attorney, a couple of the police officers, and the jail house snitch was one of my former students. I was asked about books I had read, and I wound up correcting the prosecutor on a couple of the books. Yet, they still wanted me and I asked the bailiff and she laughed and said they felt like I would be fair and reasonable. My interview for jury selection lasted over an hour. I was told to block out a minimum of three weeks for the trial. It wound up going to mistrial because one of the attorneys did something about questioning and tried to speed the process along and the other objected and the judge agreed.

  3. Amber Says:

    I've served on a jury. I use to try and get off until this particular case, it had such a profound effect on me.

  4. CB in the City Says:

    I would be happy to serve on a jury in my own city, but going into the heart of Chicago is just too stressful these days!

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