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February 27th, 2022 at 09:04 pm

I wrote a little about my tax problem in comments yesterday, and again I'd like to thank those who have provided helpful information.

I thought I'd just update you all on just how terrible my day was yesterday.  After learning I may be robbed of my tax return by a cybercriminal, I had quite a head of steam and I went to the gym to work it off. I was on one of the machines, when I heard yelling. A member was yelling quite loudly and angrily at one of the workers (someone I know to be very calm and reasonable). I couldn't tell what he was yelling about, but he got louder and louder until the worker told him he had to leave. He went and got his coat and bag, and came back screaming even louder and meaner. His demeanor was very threatening. At that point all the workers told him to leave -- forever -- his gym membership was cancelled, and the police were called.  He did leave. I went to the front desk to ask what it was about and they said they didn't even know, but that he had threatened to come back and kill them all, and so they were waiting for police protection. Yikes! I left, too, after I was sure he was not lurking around. I had no desire to be there for Act Two! No one else left, though, which I thought was strange, but maybe they didn't realize what he had said.

When I was driving away, I met the police car coming in with its lights flashing and siren wailing. It was very unsettling! I was worried about the staff and the people who were still working out, but I heard no news about it, and I have to assume he was just venting and didn't return with a gun.

So I came home, very upset, but my son and grandson came over to play games, and they made me feel much better. Today I'm just hanging around home, but soon I'll head out for a walk. I'm not sure when I'll go back to the gym!

4 Responses to “And There's More...”

  1. Dido Says:

    So scary! I'm glad nothing other than the yelling happened, and I hope you feel safe going back to the gym soon. Hugs.

  2. LivingAlmostLarge Says:

    Wow I am so sorry for those poor people.

  3. Wink Says:

    That was really a scary situation and I'm glad you are safe! People seem to be really edgy and impatient these days. I notice it driving, in line at the store etc.

  4. Lots of ideas Says:

    CB I am so sorry these things happened to you. You will get your tax refund - it might take a while, but it sounds like the IRS already flagged the original return as problematic. If this drags out, reach out to your Congress representatives. Illinois has two of the very best senators in Durbin and Duckworth, and some very good representatives. Their offices have staff dedicated to activities like this.

    Without knowing your Rep, I would recommend Senator Durbin. He has local offices, and I would start there. If you have a good Rep (to je that man’s a Democrat) they have less constituents and are up for election this year so might be very responsive.

    As for the gym - you can be sure that the gym knew the identity of the person and he got a visit. In our tough world, every place has risks. Try not to let this make you afraid to do something you enjoy.

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