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A Bit More Spending

April 11th, 2022 at 05:48 pm

The other day I went to Sam's after my stint in the gym. I spent $20 on raspberries and apples.  Variables are at 29%.

I received $39 from a class action settlement from State Farm.  I had already received over $100 some time ago, but the letter with the check said I was entitled to more. Yay! Every little bit helps! I can't even remember what the claim was about.

Today GS1 has a baseball game, but we have had so much rain lately, I don't know if it will go on as scheduled.  It is at another suburb, and is scheduled before DS gets off work, so I don't know if he will go.  (He is still working from home.) If he does, we will ride together. If he doesn't, I doubt that I will make the drive.

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