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Easter Lunch & A Trip in the Future

April 18th, 2022 at 02:52 pm

For some reason, I am unable to submit comments today. So I want to say welcome to Comicguy, and kudos to Amber for cutting down on social media -- it's a rabbit hole! I avoid it, because avoiding it is good for my mental health.

I went out for lunch with my kids and grandkids yesterday. Our tradition is to go to a Mexican restaurant -- they are not so busy on Easter! They wanted to pay for me, but in the end allowed me to contribute $12.

I talked with my Oregon son yesterday and we determined that the best time for me to visit is July. So today I'm going to be looking for a train ticket. The Empire Builder, which travels from Chicago to Portland/Seattle, also stops in Pasco, WA, which is about an hour away from where they live. Wish me luck! A train trip is something I've always wanted to do -- especially now when air travel has become so stressful and unappealing. And I have the luxury of time, so no reason not to take the train.

I have run out of frozen meals (I pick up a new batch tomorrow), so today I actually have to cook something! I think I will make chili. It is cold -- some areas had snow last night -- so it's chili weather.

Okay, that's weird -- I was just able to comment on my own blog, but still can't comment on others.....

2 Responses to “Easter Lunch & A Trip in the Future”

  1. Wink Says:

    I have always wanted to take a train trip too! After having very warm weather over the weekend, we are now back down in the 40's with a freeze warning for tonight. I wish spring would get here and stay put.

  2. Dido Says:

    Exciting! I look forward to reading about your adventure this summer!

    When I was a college senior, I did the Amtrak Coast Starlight trip from Los Angeles to Davis, but that is just a 9-hour ride, not overnight.

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