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May 10th, 2022 at 08:39 pm

Yesterday I drove to a Kia dealer about an hour away in order to get my safety recall done (airbag software).  My local Kia dealer is not taking appointment for this recall -- at least, not yet.  I wanted to get it done. Air bags are pretty important! They did an inspection as well and recommended that I replace my fuel injector. I told them I would have it done at home, since I had already waited two hours and didn't want to wait another hour. It will cost $175. I've made the decision to keep this car as long as possible and baby it along, so I will take care of it soon.

I went to Mariano's and bought a few groceries I cannot get at Aldi. I spent $14. I also spent $1 on a Mexican pastry on the morning of my safety recall -- it was my breakfast, which I didn't have time to get at home, the appointment being quite early. Variables are only 14%, which is amazingly low at this point.

I picked up my free frozen dinners today. I had one left over from last week -- the baked chicken dinner, which does not heat up well in the microwave. I cooked the chicken thigh on the stovetop this morning and will probably make chicken salad or chicken fried rice. The vegetables went into the freezer into my veggie bag.  This weeks dinners are: Asian chicken, cheese ravioli, roast turkey, BBQ pulled chicken, and Italian sausage marinara.  I already ate the Asian chicken, which was pretty good. They all come with two veggies (often one of them is mashed potatoes). I also get a bag of fruit cups and juice boxes, which I use to flavor my water. They also give me a bunch of crackers.  Sometimes it's graham crackers, and sometimes saltines. Sometimes both.

My gas tank is about half full, and I have an away game to go to later. It's about 30 minutes away. Generally, I don't let the tank get under half full, but it's no longer winter, and I don't want to charge anything until my Discover card rolls over. That will be soon. I have a haircut coming up, as well, and, of course, the car repair.

It is finally warm! Soon I will have to have the air conditioners installed, but for now, I'm just enjoying having the windows open.

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