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May Recap

May 31st, 2022 at 10:30 pm

Housing - $746

Utilities - $192

Car Repair/Maintenance - $160

Personal - $141

Medical/Health - $134

Groceries - $102

Gas - $44

Phone - $31

Eating Out/Takeout - $28

Furnishings/Equipment/Decor - $20

Laundry - $18

Entertainment - $17

Clothing - $13

Household Supplies - $6

Gifts/Charity - $1

Fares/Parking - $1

Grand Total - $1654

Variables - 79%

It was a good month. Despite some costly things, I kept the budget under control.  The costly things? I got my fuel injection system cleaned. I had a haircut and bought some personal grooming items. I paid for an ultrasound I had a few months ago.

The very good news is that I kept grocery spending down to $102. Eating out was only $28 and that included a dinner out.

I can easily sweep $1000 into savings, leaving another $1000+ in checking in case next month is challenging in some way.

Today I went to the library, the gym, and the senior center to pick up my frozen dinners. My street -- the whole block -- is closed for resurfacing repair. (I don't know why -- they just did this last year.) Anyway, parking is a challenge, and will be for the next three days at least. They are saying only three more days, but the city's time estimates are often wrong. This morning I found a spot in the next block, and I plan to stay there. I can walk to Walgreens for food -- I'm well-fixed for food, anyway -- and there are no events on my calendar for this short time. So I'm staying put.

It is very hot today, and it was yesterday, also, but we are supposed to get a break tonight and for the coming week. My son hasn't installed my AC units yet, so I'm making do with fans. They are okay, but they are not cutting the humidity.

Speaking of my son -- he and DIL have purchased a new condominium with four bedrooms (one to be used as an office). They got a good price on it, too. They and the kids have been crammed into a small condo for many years, and this will be a wonderful change for them. They won't be quite as close to me, but only a 20-minute walk away -- a 4-minute drive. DIL started her new job at the university today. So many good things are happening for them, and I'm delighted!

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