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Errand Day #2

August 16th, 2022 at 02:33 pm

Since I didn't get everything done on Saturday, I had another errand day yesterday. I got my oil changed ($150, due to some filter replacements), paid my wheel tax ($40), and went to the bank to deposit my gift funds and buy some quarters. 

While at Midas I had a discussion with one of the mechanics about my worries of thefts in our area. I have a Kia, and the TikTok challenge has taught our local criminals how to get in, start, and steal Kias and Hyundais.  They say theft of our vehicles is skyrocketing, and I feel particularly vulnerable since I park on the street, and I am very close to a rather sketchy area of Chicago (though my neighborhood is quite safe). That means that Chicago criminals can take a very short field trip to steal vehicles in our "ritzy" neighborhood.  He recommended a steering wheel lock. I had to go to two different places to find one, and I got the last one at the second. It was $69 -- more than I wanted to pay, and I see I could have gotten it cheaper via Amazon. But that didn't even occur to me at the time, and the truth is, I needed some on-hand instruction because I really didn't know how to use one or even what they looked like.

We also discussed the prevalent catalytic converter thefts. He recommended a cable covering that costs $480 as the only shield on the market that would fit my car.  I passed on that. I feel reasonably safe on that one, since my car's converter is reportedly difficult to remove, and the low carriage makes it uncomfortable. If it is stolen, insurance will cover it, though that is a bother, of course.  I'm more concerned that my whole car is not stolen!

Variables are now at 51%, which is about on target.

In other news, my new routine of creatively using up leftovers has led me to make a breakfast casserole this morning. Oh, there's the timer! It's ready!

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  1. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    I used to have a steering wheel lock. I can't remember what it was called. I think eventually the key for it got lost ... and the Club (that's what it was called!) got relegated to the floor of the back seat, and finally, the trash.

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