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August Recap

August 31st, 2022 at 05:56 pm

Finally, it's the last day of August! I won't spend anything today, so I did my recap:


Housing - $4,246

Car Repair/Maintenance - $223

Utilities - $198

Groceries - $109

Fees/Services - $45

Clothing - $37

Household Supplies - $36

Medical/Health - $35

Phone - $32

Gas - $29

Entertainment - $17

Laundry - $16

Personal - $11

Vet/Pet Supplies - $7

Eating Out/Takeout - $3

Gifts/Charity - $1

Grand Total - $5,046


So, overall my spending was about the same this month as last. It's been two tough months, as the spending really exceeds my income. But September should be better. I hope.

The high housing cost was due, of course, to having to pay a special assessment for a new roof.

The car repair was an oil change and new filters, as well as a steering wheel lock.

The fee was the wheel tax, in other communities known as a resident sticker.

The clothing was the pair of UGGS I got so cheap for my birthday!

Nothing else is out of the ordinary -- except for the very low eating out category! That was just a drink and an ice cream cone, different days.


I have a plan for next month's grocery shopping -- which will begin tomorrow.  Since I want to stick to $100 a month, I'm going to do a weekly shop of $20 or $25 a week, depending on how many Thursdays are in the month. I think it will be doable. Also, easy to carry!  Tomorrow I'll report on what I was able to buy.


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