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Property Tax Rebate

September 27th, 2022 at 04:46 pm

I said earlier I wasn't getting our state's property tax rebate because I hadn't claimed property tax on my tax form (I took the standard deduction and did not itemize). However, I learned that there is a rebate form for those who did not file taxes -- they don't specifically say that filers like me can use it (it seems to be aimed at people who didn't file at all), but I thought it was worth a try. I did pay property taxes after all. I am entitled to the rebate as much as anyone. All told, it will only be $46, but I'm not sniffing at that. I do a lot of work to save $46!

It is very cold today, for the time of year, and our boiler doesn't get turned on till later in the season, so I slept under a pile of quilts last night. I'm wearing a velour jacket, and I'm trying to keep moving. I hate these early cold spurts. So inconvenient for those of us who have radiator heat.

Anyway, since my oven is pretty dirty anyway, I turned on the auto-clean, which is making my kitchen, at least, quite toasty.

After lunch, I'm going to go the library and the gym and to Best Buy to have them look at my computer. Webroot keeps telling me I have too many temporary files, but for the life of me I can't find them or figure out how to delete them. I have a maintenance plan, so I might as well use it.

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  1. LuckyRobin Says:

    I have a little space heater with a timer. I have it in my bedroom and when it gets unseasonably cold at night, set it about ten minutes before bedtime, while I wash my face and brush my teeth. It takes the chill off the room. I generally let it go for 20 more minutes after I get in bed so the room is toasty while I fall asleep and it turns itself off so I don't worry about it running all night. An electric blanket with a timer function works, too.

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