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New Shoes

October 3rd, 2022 at 02:14 pm

I went to DSW yesterday with a $30 coupon. It had to be used on a purchase of at least $49. That's a pretty good coupon! I didn't find shoes for $49 but found the Van's sneakers I wanted (in the kids' section -- but the shoes fit). My receipt doesn't show the price before the coupon was applied, but my end cost was $22. I do pretty well getting shoes at DSW; I don't know how they make any money!

So the month is off to a great start. 

Today I'm going to make Football Soup -- I assume the name comes from being a popular thing to serve at Superbowl parties. I seem to be attracted to recipes with funny names.

2 Responses to “New Shoes”

  1. LivingAlmostLarge Says:

    Where did you get the $30 off coupon? I want to try to DSW

  2. CB in the City Says:

    It came to me in the mail. Once you start buying shoes at DSW they send you (and email you) all kinds of offers.

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