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October 25th, 2022 at 03:46 pm

I booked my hotel room today for Thanksgiving, using the Amtrak booking service to earn points for future train trips. Surprise, surprise, the full amount is already being processed on my credit card. I thought it would not be processed until I check in. Well, it's no big problem, I have the money. Just didn't expect to be spending it now. Two nights were $217. Not sure if fees will be added later. 

This amount would have taken my variables over 100%, so the cost will be taken out of savings. My variables are now at 76%.  But only a few days left in the month.

HOWEVER, I'm leaving on a short trip tomorrow to help a friend who needs transportation to get an infusion. So there will be some cost in that.

Since I will be away from home on Thursday, I won't be doing my final October grocery shop then. I may do it when I get home on Friday, or I may just try to guts it out till the end of the month. It would be awesome to spend only $76 on groceries this month!

2 Responses to “Surprise!”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    I hate when hotels do that!

    Hopefully you can wriggle through withough buying any other groceries.

  2. Petunia 100 Says:

    The hotel I booked for December (in Mom's town, for her surprise party) does the same thing. If you want to avoid it, you can if you agree to pay a higher rate. To me, the rate difference just wasn't worth it.

    Enjoy your trip. Smile

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