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Just Wondering

December 10th, 2022 at 04:42 am

I'm wondering if people are able to post. It seems like we are stuck, but maybe everyone is just busy.

I have finished buying food for my holiday get-together on Sunday. It is somewhere in the neighborhood of $177. I can't be exact, because I did buy a few other things that are not for the the brunch. That does include two bottles of wine, but otherwise, it's just food. I was especially struck by how expensive the fruit was -- berries, grapes, pineapple -- all higher than I expected. Inflation has gone rampant.

I was happy to learn that my new Social Security payment will come in December. It will be a couple hundred more, after the payment to Medicare Part B is subtracted. Every little bit helps!

3 Responses to “Just Wondering”

  1. Wink Says:

    The blogs were down for a couple of days, but even before that posting seemed to be slower than usual. It is a busy time of year. Food prices are ridiculously high, at least gas prices have come down some. It was $3.15 a gallon yesterday where I am. The lowest I have seen in a long time.

  2. Turtle Lover Says:

    There was a couple days when I couldn't click on anything to read and I thought oh no here we go again .... but then it came back so I'm happy. I would hate for this site to go away even though I know it's got problems!

  3. LuckyRobin Says:

    I haven't tried. This is the first time I've come on here since the 28th, I think. Once the Paxlovid was done, I went right back downhill and Covid has been kicking my butt. All of us are still pretty sick, except DH and even he is still weak and dragging and needs a lot of extra sleep.

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