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So Now I'm Rich?

April 19th, 2023 at 01:08 am

I recently applied for the senior benefit access through the Illinois Council on Aging -- a renewal, actually. I've been receiving the benefit since I retired, but it has run out. To my surprise, I was denied because my income was too large! I checked my figures, and yes, I exceeded the threshhold by less than $500. It was that slight raise to Social Security last year that did it. Not the larger one this year.

Without the senior benefit, I have to pay the full price for my license plates - $151 instead of $25. Also, I no longer will be able to ride the trains or buses for free. I'll have to pay full price.

Most distressing, though, is that I don't know what it will do to my property taxes. I re-applied for the Senior Freeze Exemption before this denial came through, assuming that I still had the benefit access. I checked that box, not knowing I was soon to lose it. I am afraid that I will be denied the freeze exemption as well, and that could make a big difference in what I have to pay in property taxes.

It's disheartening. I'm obviously still low-income, just not QUITE as low-income as before. I know they have to draw a line somewhere, but being on just the other side of the line will make me poorer yet. I guess I should be grateful for the years I did get this benefit. Unless they raise the threshold, there's no way I will get it next year, with the larger increase in Social Security this year.

So I went ahead and spent the $151 for my license plate tags.

I was also automatically charged $50 to renew my Sam's Club membership. I guess that's okay; I do use it. But it came as a surprise, and I'm feeling awfully pinched. Variables are at 88%, with almost two weeks to go.

Tomorrow is my grocery day. I'm going to try to stick to necessities. Luckily, I have quite a few meals in the freezer.

4 Responses to “So Now I'm Rich?”

  1. terri77 Says:

    That’s unfortunate. I wish they could at least phase out the benefit and give a partial benefit to those on the cusp.

  2. Lots of ideas Says:

    That seems very wrong. Perhaps you want to call your city councilor or mayor and your local Council on Aging because it seems an inflation adjustment is needed.

    Do you have a discretionary income withdrawal that you can lower to stay within the income guidelines? It seems if this affects your property tax that might be worthwhile.

  3. CB in the City Says:

    Oh, I'm okay with it. If I'm not entitled, I'm not entitled. It was good while it lasted. Maybe next year they will raise the income threshold, since the increase in Social Security will have affected so many.

    In answer to your question, LOI, I am receiving RMD's from my retirement fund, but the minimum that is required. So I can't make my income smaller.

  4. rob62521 Says:

    That is very unfortunate. Sometimes it doesn't pay to save money or make more. Very sorry!

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